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Our company owns a newly-built modern factory of European standard, which covers 68,000 square meters. Every year, about 15,000 tons of high-quality artificial grass and 8 million square meters of grass lawn are produced in this factory. In order for quality guarantee, the company introduced many advanced machines from Britain, such as 10 Cobble tufting machines for producing 4-5 meters wide turf, 1 set of 80-meter long SBR and PU composite line, and several combination devices for high-quality grass fiber. It is these superior quality machines, high-end technological innovation and foreign management systems that enable us to provide high-quality and cost-effective artificial surfaces to our customers.

Production Process

Equipment: 9 sets of draw benches
Raw materials: Plastic granule, anti-aging granule, color masterbatch
Mould: Different mold shapes decide different wire grass
Drawing process: The particles pass through a pipe into the drawing machine and are shaped and formed into wire grass by mold. After that, the grass is cooled and undergoes rolling process.

Equipment: 24 sets of twisting machines, uniformly arranged in two rows
Twisting process: A tubular plate is installed on the bottom of the pile rolling machines, making sure wire grass roots into the twisting machine to do a spiraling motion. When the twisting wire grass has a certain degree of curvature, it shows a better bonding capacity with fabrics.

Equipment Overview: Ten Britain-imported tufting machines
Tufting process:
1. Twisted wire and straight wire are arranged separately and orderly, eventually sent into the tufting machine.
2. The artificial grass is in different pinhole arrangement for various properties to satisfy the customer demands for different working conditions.

1. The entire line is 80 meters long. The infrared preheating lawn coating machine enjoys high stability, fast processing speed and short time reaching the optimum coating temperature.
2. Normally, the artificial surface into oven is 39 meters long. The coating temperature range can be adjusted in accordance with different material properties and finally realizes uniform heating.
3. The last coating step is glue coated.