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About artificial grass

 Artificial turf was originally for natural turf by climatic conditions, management and protection conditions and other factors influenced the design of the lack of invention. Compared with natural grass, artificial turf with natural irreplaceable advantages. Since 1964, a strong and able to withstand the weight of trampling, easy management and protection, the first piece of artificial turf from climate impacts in the United States was born, loved by the people, after the tireless efforts of scientists, today's artificial lawn has entered the epoch of the fifth generation, it is not only used in sports and entertainment venues, and widely used in gardens, courtyards, playgrounds, roof, balconies and other design and construction program, has gained more and more widely recognition and promotion.
High in natural turf requires climatic conditions, under the management and protection conditions are not available in the circumstances, sports, entertainment, exhibitions paving, landscaping, garden green, etc., using a piece of green artificial turf construction, will be the best choice. In fact, it has been very popular in the developed countries and the lack of water resources in the Middle East countries and regions.

  Artificial turf advantage 
1 Sustainable Use: can be used throughout the year , no maintenance , conservation and spend time, cost , and without having to shut down and disable raising grass .
(2) the use of long term : years without maintenance costs due to the use of different degrees to 500 hours per year is calculated using the time , the maximum useful life of up to fifteen years without maintenance period , using a decade later, only partial replacement the most serious loss of place can be.
3 Security: surface feel comfortable ease , there will be " just hold " feeling, and provides natural turf concentration of torque from the same rate, will not sprained ankle or a knee ligament , surface skid resistance is very low, with soft the supporting feeling.
4 all-weather use : any weather offer the best performance , minus 40 degrees is still soft, does not freeze , do not due to rain , snow and changing weather season .
5 Best performance : long-term performance remains stable under ultraviolet light , flexible , shock-absorbing surface with the performance , wear effect is also lower than natural grass and mud .
6 green : the filler cleaner than the soil , the rain will not end surface of the mud , do not breed microorganisms, it does not contain any harmful substances , and noise absorbing features recyclable.
7 construction convenient , short cycle : site foundation construction period of 30-45 days , the surface of the construction period is 10-15 days , the court lines are available in various competitions grass paving white or other colors , go directly to weave .
8 trends: In addition to schools outside the stadium , has been adopted by the British Premier League and Football League Class A , the top teams in other countries such as Italy, Germany , Spain, France and other countries have also been widely used.
1 ) simulation and high grass fiber is soft, no harm to the skin .
2 ) strong durability and long life .
3 ) Anti- UV , corrosion , mildew , and environmental pollution , do not fade .
4 ) Football velocity, rebound almost identical with natural grass .
5 ) good permeability and drainage performance.
6 ) excellent traction , so that the athletes can accurately determine the direction of movement of the ball .
7 ) economic , durable, all-weather , evergreen , environmental , simulation, maintenance , construction is simple , economical and practical.
8 ) easy maintenance and low maintenance costs .