Good Quality Artificial Turf Grass For Garden

   Product Description

      It's widely used in road dividers greening, sports court, amusement park, yacht, greening and paving of golf artificial grass tee ground. Also the city residence and commercial buildings can benefit from the using of professional artificial grass on building the roof garden, outdoor courtyard entertainment district, side of swimming pool and landscape terrace etc.     

   Grass Label


         Item No.: 40UD2B16L0C11

         Yarn: U Shape Monofil PE And Curled PP


         Gauge:3/8” Dtex: 12000D   Color: Four Color

         Backing: 2PP



  • PP plastic woven fiber bag;

  • PE plastic film bag;

  • Colorful package material;

  • Paper carton with pallet;

  • PE Transparent stretch film;

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