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Surfacing process:
Based on the foundation of detection: roughness, slope and surface impressions were detected, which meet the requirements, can the construction approach;
Measurement line: Determination of site centerline and sideline, draw each functional area, line position;
Volume grass stacking: control design, the turf by number into the site boundary location;
Grass paving: with the line, line line turf is located, were spread out other turf;
Turf cutting edge: the construction of the grass on both sides, the extra edge cutting down;
Turf connections: in the turf and connected with the bottom coated with a special glue for bonding, after compaction;
The function of line clipping: white marking turf cutting down, cut into the floor size required width, set aside;
Note: quartz sand SOD all the pavement after, according to the different number of sand injection high grass, the quartz sand uniform into the ground, and combed by brushing machine;
Note: crumb rubber sand injection is completed, according to the number of particles of different injection high grass, the uniform particles into the ground, and combed by brushing machine;
The completion acceptance: paving work is completed, testing, approval in accordance with the quality standard of artificial grass surface layer.