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Through years of innovation and experience accumulation, we have reaped many significant certificates, which perfectly demonstrate our manufacture capacity.

  • CE Certificate
    Our artificial grass was CE certified and met the requirements of the EC directive 301/2011/EU (CPR).

  • SGS Certificate
    The artificial grass also satisfied 16 CFR 1630 Standard for the surface flammability of Carpets and Rugs (FF 1-70).

    The artificial grass sample, identified as “Sport DS Emerald Yarn”, when compared to the Fifa Quality Concert Handbook of Test Methods for Football 2012 and EN 15330-1: 2013 specifications, met the requirements for Tensile Strength and climatic color resistance while exposed to artificial weathering by means of UVA lamps.

  • Labosport Technical Report
    The FIFA laboratory test sets five systems to study four properties of the artificial turf sample by a manual Lisport wear tester, in order to find the influence factors of shock absorption, vertical deformation, ball rebound and rotational resistance.

  • ITF Classified Tennis Court Surface

  • BCC Environment Management System Certification

  • BCC Occupational Health And Safety Management System Certification

  • BCC Quality Management system Certification