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Artificial Grass Installation Tools
  • Turf Carrier
    Equipped with a powerful hydraulic system, the turf carrier is able to easily transport all kinds of turf rolls or PVC rolls.

  • Sand Infill Machine
    The sand infill machine increases the covering speed of sands or rubber granules.

  • Brushing Machine
    Intended for surface maintenance, the brushing machine is well suited for many kinds of artificial turfs.

  • Line Cutter
    The line cutter is used for cutting straight lines, with an adjustable cutting width.

  • Circle Cutter
    This tool is a device designed to assist in cutting circles with a set radius, realizing ideal circular cutting effect.

  • Turf Fixer
    The function of the turf fixer is to fasten the joints of artificial grass strips while gluing.

  • Turf Grip
    With the help of the turf grip, installer realizes fast and easy alignment.

  • Trimmer
    After being processed by this tool, the grasses are arranged in an orderly manner.

  • Grass Cutter
    The grass cutter is mainly used for cutting the seam and joint parts.

  • Seam Fixer
    A solid and tough connection between the artificial grass and backing is realized by this seam fixer.

  • Floor Tester
    Especially developed for synthetic sports surface and artificial grass surfaces, the tester is used to measure the turf height and provides a measurement range of 0-50mm.