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Artificial Grass Infill Granules

The artificial grass infill makes sure the artificial grass stands upright, with a better appearance and bearing capacity. Generally, quartz sands are often spread in the grass as a base layer while the rubber granules are then covered. On the one hand, the high-elasticity rubber granules greatly simulate the properties and features of soil, thus reducing the probability of injuries. On the other hand, the application of rubber granules assures the grass higher friction and better usage experience since the artificial turf is slippier than natural grass.

Artificial Grass Infill Granules Feature
1. Wear resistance
2. UV resistance
3. Color fastness
4. Flame retardant
5. Withstand the effects of climatic conditions

Applications of Artificial Grass Infill
A wide application is found in playgrounds, safety tiles, running tracks, multi-use game area, golf walkways and driving ranges, swimming pools (surrounding), ship deck, commercial flooring, sports stadia, etc.
The diameter of granule has two types available, 0.5-1mm and 2-4mm, with a pack size of 25kg/bag.