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Hockey Artificial Grass Turf

Jiangsu Wmgrass is a reliable developer and supplier of artificial grass turf, whose products are quite diverse. It provides all-round services, such as authorized OEM (original equipment manufacturing), processing supporting devices for different companies, bulk purchasing for high-quality artificial grass and so on. Besides that, it is also undergoing product testing and field testing by FIFA.

Meanwhile, Jiangsu Wmgrass also introduced several cobble tufting machines with 4-5 meters' width, several butylbenzene-backed or PU-backed composite wires of 80-meters long and several high quality grass fiber units. High-accuracy machines, high-end technology and the high quality overseas management system are combined together to manufacture the cost-effective products. Besides that, hockey artificial grass turf is also one of our featured products, which has good air penetrability, good drainage capacity, good fire resistance and high UV resistance. These features guarantee a low maintenance cost for our customers.

1. Anti-UV, corrosion-resistance, mildew-proof, environmental protection, color fastness
2. The artificial turf provides excellent traction, so that the player can accurately determine the movement of the ball
3. Few seams, without trace
4. Convenient and easy maintenance, with low maintenance cost
5. Good air permeability and drainage performance

Technical parameters
Height: 10mm-20mm
Standard: 5/32”
Dtex: 6600
Dtex: 6600
Color: Grass green or lemon green
Backing: PP + Net + SBR bonding agent
Roll width: 2m / 4m / 3.66m / 5m
Roll length: 70m or customized
Infill: 25kg sands + 7kg rubber granules per square meters
Warranty: 6-8years
Delivery time: 10-15days

Application Examples
A wide application is found in baseball courts, volleyball courts, hockey fields and running tracks, etc.

1. Sustainable use: The artificial turf for sports pitches can be used all year round. There is no need to close the sports centers for pitch maintenance, curing and grass growth.
2. Long service life: Cast parts used in the installation are free-maintenance for several years. The maximum lifespan on average is 10 years, with an annual usage time of 500 hours.
3. Good Drainage: 25-30mm of rain can be drained per hour (heavy rain)
4. Quick and convenient construction with short time
5. Environmental protection