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Sports Grass Turf

    1. Football Field Artificial Grass TurfIn recent years, instead of natural grass turf, artificial grass turf is widely used in domestic football fields. Traditional football field adopts natural grass turf, and the turf possesses poor performance in shock absorbency, drainage and seepage, which may affect players' mood and their later use. On the contrary, artificial grass turf is more secure and more eco-friendly.
    1. Golf Putting Green Artificial GrassJiangsu Wmgrass combines the most advanced manufacturing technology and material together to make the best gold putting green artificial turf. The material adopted in the artificial turf is really close to natural golf putting green turf. Artificial grass is the ideal replacement of natural grass, since it needs no careful maintenance and regular irrigation.
    1. Tennis Court Synthetic GrassTennis court artificial grass turf is one of our featured products. Jiangsu Wmgrass offers you high quality after-sales service, and the warranty period of the product is 8 to 10 years. Adopting tennis court artificial grass turf effectively avoids many quality problems, such as cracking caused by cold weather, and color shedding caused by strong sunlight.
    1. Hockey Artificial Grass TurfJiangsu Wmgrass is a reliable developer and supplier of artificial grass turf, whose products are quite diverse. It provides all-round services, such as authorized OEM (original equipment manufacturing), processing supporting devices for different companies, bulk purchasing for high-quality artificial grass and so on. Besides that, it is also undergoing product testing and field testing by FIFA.
    1. Playground Artificial GrassThe artificial grass has almost totally replaced the traditional rubber surface and PVC paving material thanks to its advanced design, low cost, convenient maintenance, environmental-protection, high security, delicate appearance and high adaptability. What's more, this synthetic turf is especially designed for playground, its flexible and colorful patterns effectively enhance children's imagination and creativity.